Division of Labour Service

The functions are:
  • To ensure compliance with Labour Act, No 11 of 2007, Affirmative Action Act, No 29 f 1998 (Employment Act) and any other legal provisions relating to the conditions of employment and the protection of workers at the workplaces;
  • To address disparity and inequalities which exist the workplaces;
  • To provide technical information and advice social partners and other stakeholders concerning the most effective means of complying with legal obligations, including minimum wages; to bring to the attention of the competent authorities any defects or abuse not specifically covered by existing legal provisions;
  • To ensure minimum growth and industrial conformity and to ensure maintenance of occupational health and safety standards.

Division of Labour Inspectorate

The functions are:
  • Conduct labour inspections
  • Investige workplaces complaints
  • Conduct factory inspection of boliers
  • Elevators and escalators 
  • Conduct workplace accident investigations
  • Conduct and stake holders meeting.
  Director for the Labour Inspectorate 

                                                                                                         Ms. Aune N Mudjanima

Deputy Director Occupational Safety &Health

                        Ms.Petrina Nghidengwa

 Deputy Director of Labour Inspectorate


                                                                                                          Ms. Imelda Mwangala