Annual Procurement Plan 2024/25


  Supply and Servicing of Fire Extinguishers   24/06/2024 @10H00 Download
  Supply and Delivery of Materials   24/06/2024 @10H00 Download
  Renovation of Swakopmund Regional Labour Office   24/06/2024 @10H00 Download
  Supply and Installation of New Garage Door, Repair of Flag Poles and Lights   24/06/2024 @10H00 Download
  Printing of National Guidelines   25/06/2024 @10H00 Download
Supply and Delivery of Laptop   

Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials 

  Supply and Delivery of HP Switches      
  Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipments      
  Supply and Delivery of IT Supplies      
  Supply and Delivery of Network Printers
  Hiring of two bouble Axle Trailer


Procurement documents


  1. Annual Procurement Plan 2024/25
  2. General Conditions of Contract
    • GCC Non Consultancy Services (Lump-Sum) 2017
    • GCC Non-Consultancy Services Time Based
    • General Conditions for Works Request for Sealed Quotation 2017
    • General Conditions of Contract for Request for Quotation(Goods)
  3. Public Procurement Act
  4. Public procurement Regulations